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Advantage for Doctors

Evolko app for Doctor is created on a modern cloud infrastructure and comprehensive clinical knowledge-base. Access to patient and their treatment records on mobile device means that you as a doctor can engage in treating patients on the go and not have to be glued to your clinic.

Get health alerts about your patients. Send your long-term care patients pro-active treatment options and preventive care tips. Ask patients to send pictures of their walk, range-of-motion, weeks in pregnancy, skin color changes and much more depending upon their situation. Ensure your patients are complying with blood glucose checks routines, excercising schedules, and vitals checks frequencies. You will have a much better view of patient’s treatment outcome between two visits.

Evolko HealthRADAR is uniquely developed for different clinical specialties. Clinical knowledge-base that powers the treatment decisions and fully customizable protocols akin to your practice. You can get started in no time.

Advantage for Hospitals

Hospitals can offers a brand new HealthRADAR service to their patients who have a need to interact with their doctors frequently and monitor their health conditions at home. For more information, contact us at


    • Your patients’ treatment progress is now handy in your HealthRADAR
    • Chat with your patients while having full access to treatment snapshot
    • Access Patient Case Notes, Clinical Imaging, Lab data from anywhere


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how it works

Using Evolko mobile app is easy. After initial sign-up and mutual connection, you can chat and stay on top of your patient's health anywhere anytime.

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